Togian Islands

The Togian Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets situated in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The largest islands within this tropical paradise include BatudakaTogean, Talakatoh, Una-UnaWalea BahiWalea Kodi, and Malenge. Each island has its unique charm, from secluded beaches to vibrant coral reefs.

Covered by lush rainforests and surrounded by pristine coral reefs formations, These reefs provide habitat and breeding areas for hawksbill turtlesgreen turtles, dugong and non-venomous jellyfish with little red spots. the Togian Islands also offer a true escape to paradise. These islands are home to unique wildlife, including the Togian babirusaTonkean macaque, and Togian hawk-owl. Additionally, the area was designated as a National Parkin 2004, encompassing 292,000 hectares of sea water (including the largest coral reef in Indonesia), 70,000 hectares of land, and 10,659 hectares of forests and mangroves. Among the 59 villages scattered across the islands, one is settled by the Bajau people, also known as the sea gypsies. Their traditional way of life adds cultural richness to the Togian experience.

Exciting Things to Do in the Togian Islands

Diving in Paradise: Una Una Island

Una Una is one of the 66 Islands of the Togean Island’s archipelago, located in Jewel of Central Sulawesi in the centre of Tomini bay, only 17 km South from the Equator. Una Una has three villages, Kololio, Tanjun Pude and Una Una village, which is located 2 km from the Sanctum Resort. Best way to reach the village is by walking, while enjoying the pure nature that the island has to offer. The first thing you will walk pass is the Mosque which is the symbol Una Una Island.

Una Una Island is a pristine paradise for scuba divers, nestled within the heart of the coral triangle. Here’s why it’s a must-visit destination for underwater enthusiasts:

  • Abundant Marine Life: The crystal-clear waters around Una Una abound with a high diversity of marine life. From vibrant corals to schools of fish, you’ll encounter an underwater world teeming with beauty.
  • Healthy Coral Reefs: Una Una’s coral reefs are in excellent condition. You’ll find massive corals, some of which are around 3,000 years old! These ancient formations create a stunning backdrop for your dives.
  • Diverse Dive Sites: Una Una offers over 30 different dive sites to explore. Whether you prefer gentle slopes, dramatic walls, intriguing pinnacles, or muck diving areas, there’s something for every diver.
  • Barracuda Tornado: Ever dreamed of diving amidst a massive school of barracudas? Una Una delivers! Witness these sleek predators forming a mesmerizing tornado in the clear blue waters.
  • Pelagic Encounters: Keep your eyes peeled for raysturtles, and other pelagic species. Una Una’s underwater realm is full of surprises waiting to be discovered.
  • Warm Waters: The water temperature is comfortably warm, making your dives enjoyable and relaxing.

Swim with Non-Stinging Jellyfish at Mariona Lake

Mariona Lake, located in the Togean Islands of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, is a remarkable natural wonder. This ancient doline has been filled with seawater over the centuries, creating a unique environment sheltered from predators. Here, two species of jellyfish have lost their only weapon: the sting. As a result, Mariona Lake is home to millions of non-stinging jellyfish. These delicate creatures are safe to play with—technically, they still have venom, but their sting cells have atrophied, rendering them unable to penetrate human skin. Imagine swimming in a swirling galaxy of lightweight, radiant jellyfish, like little stars dancing around you!

Exploring Bajo Village in the Togian Islands

Bajo Village offers a captivating glimpse into the lives of the indigenous Bajo people, often referred to as “Sea Gypsies.” The Bajo people have a semi-nomadic existence, relying on fishing as their primary livelihood. Their homes are built on stilts above the coral reefs, creating an enchanting scene where wooden structures seem to float on the turquoise waters. As you walk along the narrow wooden bridges connecting the houses, you’ll witness their resourcefulness and resilience.

The Bajo community continues to practice traditional fishing methods. They engage in compressor diving, plunging into the depths with rudimentary gear to harvest sea cucumbers, shark fins, and other exotic marine creatures. These valuable resources are often sold to Chinese markets for use in traditional medicine.

Bajo Village provides a window into a disappearing way of life. By visiting, you contribute to the preservation of their cultural heritage. Take the time to appreciate their resilience, adaptability, and the harmony they maintain with the ocean.

Getting to Togian Islands

Here are the main routes to get to the Togians:

  1. From Gorontalo:
    • Airport Connection: Gorontalo has an airport that connects to major cities like Makassar, Manado, and Luwuk within Sulawesi.
    • Ferry to Wakai: From Gorontalo’s port, a ferry departs for Wakai every Tuesday and Friday (though schedules may change). The ferry ride takes approximately 12 hours. The return boat to Gorontalo leaves Wakai around 4 pm on Mondays and Thursdays.
  2. From Ampana:
    • Overland Route: Many visitors come overland from the south after exploring Tanah Toraja. If you’re one of them, you’ll likely arrive in the Togians via Ampana.
    • Ampana Airport: Ampana also has a small airport with flights to Makassar. However, service can be erratic.
    • Ferry Departures: Boats from Ampana to Wakai depart from Monday to Thursday at 10 am and at 9 am on Sundays.
    • Return Journey: From Wakai to Ampana, boats depart at 10 am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and at 7 am on Wednesday.
    • Alternative Port: If you plan to stay near Bomba, you can reach the Togians via another port called Bomba on Batu Daka. Boats from Ampana to Bomba leave on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday at 9 am, with the return boat departing on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, also at 9 am.


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