15% OFF | 12 Days | Diving Adventure East Flores – Alor | July 29 – Aug 9

Destination: Alor
Departure date: July 29, 2024
From: Maumere
Arrival date: August 9, 2024
To: Maumere
Regular price: 6700 USD / Person
Promotion price: 5695 USD / Person

Fantastic news for diving enthusiast! Samambaia Liveaboard is offering a super cool 15% discount on their amazing 12 days, 11-night diving trip through the stunning waters of East Flores and Alor. Samambaia Liveaboard is all about giving you the ultimate diving adventure. Imagine exploring pristine coral reefs, swimming with fascinating marine life, macro critters and soaking up the serene beauty of East Flores and Alor.

Cabin Price & Availability


  • NOW USD 5.695/person, instead of USD 6.700/person


  • 2 pax on double bed cabin lower deck
  • 4 pax on twin share bed cabin lower deck

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Day 1: Embarkation

  • Arrival with plane to Maumere. You will be picked up by crew members at the airport. A general orientation follows.

Day 2: Serbete & Adonara

  • After an initial general dive briefing, we will do our check dive at an easy and protected dive site. Check dive in the sense of you checking your gear and weights, making sure the camera housings are proper sealed and our guides checking your buoyancy. No skill demonstrations are required. Check dive in the morning at a pretty, easygoing and protected dive site. A wall south of the tiny island of Serbete. We will offer two more macro focussed dives this day, at two of our secret spots south of the island of Adonara.

Day 3: Lembata’s Critters

  • Sandy critter diving par excellence. One spot is at a pier, the other ones a bit further to the east. Critter hunting at it’s best: Seahorses, different species of Rhinopias, sometimes even side by side, frogfish, all sorts of cephalopods. Truly a world class dive spot.

Day 4: Lembata South

  • Time for some action-packed diving in the morning. We have two great dive sites here. One of them is a secret cavern which is home to several White Tip Reef Sharks. The other one, ‘Pulau Suangi’ is a rock, exposed to the open ocean. Stunning coral growth on the reef, very good fish life, but don’t forget to look out in the blue as we’ve often got pelagic fish passing by. In the afternoon we offer a visit to the traditional whaling village of Lamalera. The people of this village are fundamental animists and are living their ancient traditions until today in our modern world. Alternatively, we offer a dive for you, of course. We finish this day with a night dive at an excellent secret spot of ours, ‘The Corner Shop’ – we named it like that because it has a little something of everything.

Day 5: Kambing & Pantar

  • Facing the Savu Sea the southern coast of Pantar and Pulau Kambing are exposed to strong upwellings and swells full of nutrition from the deep. Hence the marine life here is mind boggling with potential for large pelagics. Besides the known sites around Pulau Kambing our favourites here are our secret spots.

Day 6: Beangabang

  • A protected bay which is said to have a better macro life than the famous Lembeh Strait. Be prepared for some cold water upwellings which will not stop you from having extended bottom times if you are a critter lover. No time limit here on the night dive. An excerpt of the spotting list from 1 (one!) dive we recently did there: Wonderpus, Blue Ring Octopus, Coconut Octopus, Pegasus, Frogfish, Rhinopias, Ambon Scorpionfish, Robust Ghostpipefish, Roughsnout Ghostpipefish, Thorny Seahorse, Melibe.

Day 7: Pura & Alor

  • Time for some action packed current drift dives with potential for big stuff. All our dives are going to be either slope or wall dives. We have spotted here in the past: Oceanic Sunfish, Big Dogtooth Tuna and Thresher Sharks. Popular dive sites here: School’s Out, Anemone City, The Great Wall of Pantar.

Day 8: Kalabahi Bay

  • Today we spent all day hunting critters in the protected bay of Alors capital Kalabahi. With a little bit of luck our dive guides might show you the ‘Holy Grail of Critter Hunters’, the Rhinopias. Other than that you can expect: Frogfish, Ghostpipefish, all sorts of cephalopods and Crustaceans as well as colourful Nudibranchs. Popular dive sites here: Mucky Mosque, Black Rhino, Pertamina Pier.

Day 9: North Alor

  • Before we leave the area around Alor to head back west again, we will offer you three more dives here. Either wide-angle wall and slope dives or some more macro dives. Maybe a blend of both. We make this depending on the preferences of our guests.

Day 10: Lembata & Komba

  • We will do three dives in daytime. Either at a spot we call ‘The Shark Wall’ or alternatively at a fantastic critter spot. This depends on the preferences of the group. In the afternoon we will head north towards the active vulcano of Komba, which erupts every 15 to 20 minutes. A spectacular display of nature’s power and free fireworks for us.

Day 11: Maumere Bay

  • Our last day before disembarkation we will spend at a beautifully quiet and protected anchorage in the bay of Maumere. In the morning, we offer you a wreck dive (Wodong Wreck) that turns in the shallows into a critter heaven: Pipehorses, Ghostpipefish, Nudibranchs. A beautiful dive with no time limit to finish this cruise. If your flight schedule permits our guides will happily take you on a second dive as well. The afternoon we spend at this anchorage, filled with some in-water fun such as wake boarding and waterskiing and the famous Floating Bar.

Day 12: Disembarkation in Maumere

  • Depending on your flight schedule, our crew will check your luggage in for you in advance so you can rest on board and let us shuttle you to the airport when your plane is ready to leave.

Note: All schedules are subject to changes according to weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

What’s Included

  • Beers
  • Soft drinks
  • Juices
  • Italian Coffee: espresso, cappuccino, etc
  • Premium selected Tea
  • Snacks
  • weights & belts
  • Tanks (12 ltr)
  • Kayak (inflatable)
  • Airport to harbour pickup (vice versa)

What’s Excluded

  • Wine & spirits
  • Massage on board (USD 40 / 60 min)
  • Rental gear (dive comp, BCD, Regulator, wet suit, fin, snorkel, mask and torch)
  • 15 ltr tanks
  • Laundry
  • Wakeboard ( free trial ), then USD 25/30 minutes
  • Flight Ticket or Hotel
  • Additional surcharge (Pay on board) for example Raja Ampat are: – Fuel surcharge USD 150 – Harbour fee USD 75, and – National Park fee USD 100

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About The MV Samambaia

MV Samambaia is a magnificent wooden Phinisi sailing Indonesia’s best dive spots in Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda Sea & Alor. The crew focuses on the finest details of the boat to offer you a luxury experience.

Discover the MV Samambaia

Enjoy your vacations on a traditional Indonesian Phinisi that offers top-rated dive sites with comfort. With 4 double and 2 twin cabins on the lower deck and 1 master cabin on the main deck, the MV Samambaia can accommodate up to 14 guests. Furthermore, each cabin is equipped with individual air conditioning and a bathroom featuring a rain shower head and hand shower.

The master cabin, located on the afterdeck, offers a stunning 180° view through its large windows, while the rest of the vessel boasts attention to detail in its crafting process. The crew, hailing from all over the Archipelago and Europe, is dedicated to ensuring guest satisfaction and safety.

Activities & facilities on board

Explore Indonesia’s rich marine biodiversity, with dive sites located all around the “Ring of Fire.” The watermakers on the boat ensure an ample supply of freshwater. So, you can focus on the incredible underwater experience without worry. The boat’s professional and friendly crew is here to assist you while you are on board and having an unforgettable trip. They will cook fresh meals every day with special ingredients, bread and pastries are freshly prepared as well. Moreover, you can enjoy amazing views by lying down on a shaded sundeck. As a result, the ambiance is relaxing, cozy, and social yet private.

About The MV Samambaia

Maximum passengers: 14
Number of cabins: 6

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