15% OFF | 8 Days | The Wonders of Komodo | August 6 – 13

Destination: Komodo
Departure date: August 6, 2024
From: Labuan Bajo
Arrival date: August 13, 2024
To: Labuan Bajo
Regular price: 5425 USD / Person
Promotion price: 4612 USD / Person

Hey there, adventure seekers! Ready to explore the stunning Komodo National Park? We’ve got an amazing deal just for you! The Fenides Liveaboard offers the ultimate combination of luxury, comfort, and adventure. Enjoy a fantastic 15% discount on 8 days exploration of West & Central Komodo from August 6th to 13th.

Cabins Price & Availability

  • Master Cabin: ONLY USD 5.207 per person, from original price USD 6.125
  • Standard Twin or Double Cabin: ONLY USD 4.612 per person, from original price USD 5.425

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Day 1: Central Komodo

  • Pick up at your hotel or the airport in Labuan Bajo. Settling in onboard with a welcome drink and a brief introduction to the boat and safety on board. About 2 hour cruise to Sebayur Island where we’ll do our first check dives. Sebayur island is a gorgeous island with pristine white sandy beaches and a beautiful coral reef in the more shallow waters. Depending on your arrival time we will do 1-2 dives on your first day, giving you plenty of time to arrive and familiarize yourself with the vessel and really settle in.

Day 2: North Komodo

  • we do an early morning crossing to Gili Lawar, the North of the Komodo National Park. We dive the famous 3 C’s of Komodo National Park: Castle Rock, Crystal rock and Cauldron. This area is famous for is speeding currents so buckle up for a once in a lifetime incredible drift dive. The current attracts large pelagics, so white tip and grey reef sharks, tuna, jacks and trevallies patrol in the front waiting for their next meal. On early mornings dolphins might be passing by the reef and also mantas and other rays are a common sighting. For less experienced divers there are plenty of dive sites in the area with mild to no current. Your Cruise Director will check your experience and personal preferences with you on check in as well as daily. We’ll plan to do 3 dives that day before the boat sails to West Komodo overnight.

Day 3: Sape Channel

  • Sape Channel is high energy diving with big fish encounters. At most dive sites located between Sumbawa and Komodo currents will be present and shape the dives and routes. We’ll see sharks, tunas, GT’s and more. In the past we saw even blue whales migrating here. And there’s an extra bonus: A secret “Canyon/cave” dive site! In the afternoon we head over to Pulau Kelapa for a beach setup.

Day 4: Pulau Kelapa

  • Pulau Kelapa translated means Coconut Island. We start the day with a beautiful sunrise hike to explore the stunning scenery that also offers a great opportunity for photography sessions. After the hike it’s time to get into the water! In this area you can expect postcard diving throughout! Crystal clear water, a stunning reef topography, overhangs, walls, and ledges. “Seagull Rock” is one of the best dive sites in Indonesia! For the next dive we head a bit further into the bay of Tanjung Mariam.

Day 5: Gili Banta

  • We start the day with an early morning dive at the Cannyon on the East Sumbawa side. After the morning dive we head up to Gili Banta where we find multiple dive sites with manta rays and sharks. The most colourful coral reefs are in the region. Expect private and endless white sand beaches where we’ll prepare a beach BBQ for you, and you’ll have some leisure time. This region is ideal for a private beach setup on an endless, castaway, white sand beach. You can chill on the beach, take the kayak or SUP to explore small hidden bays or snorkel in the crystal blue waters just off the beach. We’ll further plan a hike to a breathtaking sunset viewpoint.

Day 6: Central Komodo

  • In the early morning hours, we cross back to Central Komodo, which is the most famous and most easily accessible area of the National Park. Here you’ll have the best chances to see Komodo’s famous manta ray population Manta Point: Huge 2km long sandbar where mantas can congregate in huge numbers to feed clean and mate. Mawan: Mawan is an idyllic small island in central Komodo National Park, with a spectacular underwater landscape. The water here is calm and crystal clear and there are plenty of beautiful corals and marine creatures to spot. Siaba Besar: Huge population of green turtles use this hard coral covered bay as a feeding ground and a place to relax. White tip sharks are not uncommon here either, the white sand algae areas between corals are a macro hunters dream, flamboyant cattle fish, frogfish and a huge variety of pipefish and inverts make this area their home.

Day 7: Central Komodo

  • We’ll dive the world-famous Batu Bolong dive site. Currents can be strong here, but the islands provide a lot of protection for less experienced divers. Batu Bolong: Underwater the rocks are covered with every color of coral imaginable and diversity is huge. Every type of fish from small red anthias flitting to and from to giant Napoleon wrasse searching the deep. Strong currents. On request: Go to Padar Island to see the Flying Foxes.

Day 8:

  • Depending on check-out time: Optional morning snorkel at Sabolan. After a farewell breakfast and de briefing customers leave the boat with memories that will last a lifetime! Drop-off at the airport or your hotel in Labuan Bajo.

Note: All schedules are subject to changes according to weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

What’s Included

  • Transfers to / from the airport or hotel at the location of the respective port of embarkation.
  • Accommodation on board in double bed or twin bed cabin with hot water shower, toilet and AC.
  • National Marine Park fees (full charter only).
  • All-inclusive board services including anti-alcoholic on board beverages.
  • Up to 4 accompanied dives per day (including one dawn or night dive, if location is suitable).
  • As a general rule, there is no diving on arrival and departure day.
  • Missed dives do not result in a reimbursement claim.
  • Dive rental equipment (standard set; full charter only).
  • Free Nitrox.
  • All offered land excursions.

What’s Excluded

  • Spirits, alcoholic beverages, mocktails and smoothies (see onboard menu).
  • Diving lessons.
  • Dive computer, torch, uw cameras & 15l tank rental.
  • Onboard massage and laundry service.
  • Purchase of merchandise or souvenirs on board.
  • Crew gratuities.
  • Cost for overweight luggage (international and national flights).
  • Dive and Travel – trip insurance’s (as DAN and travel guard) and/or Medical Insurance.
  • National Marine park fees (for per cabin bookings not included).
  • Dive rental equipment (for per cabin bookings not included).

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About The Fenides

Fenides is a premium Phinisi liveaboard that sails through some of the most exciting and exotic parts of Indonesia. They offer dive safaris in the areas of Komodo, Raja Ampat, Alor, Halmahera and the Banda Islands.

About Fenides Liveaboard

Fenides, a premium yacht, has 5 spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms, accommodating up to 10 people. It offers absolute comfort on 3 decks, equipped with top-notch facilities. From indoor/outdoor dining to shaded sundecks, bar/lounge, and salon with TV, library, and games—every detail is well taken care of. Fenides takes you to hidden paradises, combining water sports with exploring Indonesia’s culture and natural beauty. It provides scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, paddle surfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, fishing, and beachside dining.

The Cabins

Master Cabin, Lower Deck – A double bed and a day bed, with ensuite bathroom and AC.

2 Twin Cabin, Lower Deck – A double bed with ensuite bathroom and AC.

2 Double Cabin, Upper Deck – 2 single beds with ensuite bathroom and AC.

The Itineraries of Fenides

Scuba Diving Itineraries

Fenides features a spacious dive deck, 2 dinghies, and a climate controlled camera & photo editing room. Underwater, you’ll find vibrant reefs, mantas, sharks, pelagic species, macro life, an underwater volcano, exciting drift dives, wrecks, and more.

  • Central & West Komodo
  • Alor
  • Banda Sea
  • Raja Ampat
  • Halmahera

Surfing Itineraries

Surf trips cater to surfers seeking quality waves in uncrowded locations, enjoying the comfort provided by Fenides. Experience empty line-ups and world-class breaks.

  • Sumbawa
  • Halmahera
  • Sumba

Leisure Cruise Itineraries

Fenides offers a range of watersports and activities, including kayaking, SUP, wakeboarding, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, swimming at castaway beaches, cultural visits to local tribes and villages, bird watching, and encounters with Komodo dragons in remote Indonesia.

  • West Komodo
  • Alor
  • Raja Ampat

About The Fenides

Maximum passengers: 10
Number of cabins: 5

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