20% OFF | 15 Days Expedition Flores – Alor – Banda – Forgotten Islands | Aug 30 – Sep 13

Destination: Banda Sea
Departure date: August 30, 2024
From: Maumere
Arrival date: September 13, 2024
To: Saumlakki
Regular price: 6390 USD / Person
Promotion price: 5110 USD / Person

This crossing trip will take you through Indonesia’s top diving destination. Starting from Maumere, you will head to Alor before crossing the Banda Sea. A unique experience for experienced divers looking for adventure!

Trip Details

  • Departure: August 30th, 2024, Maumere
  • Arrival: September 13th, 2024, Saumlaki
  • 15 days / 14 nights / 39 dives
  • Certification requirement: AOW or equivalent, min. 75 logged dives

Available Cabins and Price

  • Standard lower deck cabin – 2 spaces left – USD 5,110 / person instead of USD 6,390
  • Superior lower deck cabin – 6 spaces left – USD 5,560 / person instead of USD 6,945
  • Seaview suite – 2 spaces left – USD 6,400 / person instead of USD 8,000

Harbour, marine park and fuel surcharge fees: USD 500 / person


  • Day 1: Embark ILIKE at Maumere Port
  • Day 2: Babi Island/Dambilah Island/Wodong bay
  • Day 3: Lembata Island
  • Day 4: Alor/Kalabahi Bay
  • Day 5: Alor/Pura Island/Pantar Island
  • Day 6: Alor/Kalabahi Bay
  • Day 7: Reong Island/Wetar Island
  • Day 8: Gunung Api
  • Day 9: Damar Island/Terbang Selatan, Utara
Day 10: Damar Island/Terbang Selatan, Utara
  • Day 11: Nil desperandum reef
  • Day 12: Serua Island
Day 13: Dawera Island
Day 14: Saumlaki/ Nustabun Island
  • Day 15: Disembark ILIKE at Saumlaki Port

This is quite a special trip that visits very remote places where not many people have dived. Also, very interesting seeing to different worlds just divided by islands. We will start in Maumere bay, we will visit some islands like Pulau Babi, that suffer and devastating earthquake on December 1992, originating a Tsunami and creating a crack on the island that can be seen underwater.
The scenery above water is also spectacular as we can see 3 volcanos from our anchor place. In the north Flores Sea, we can find beautiful coral walls with overhangs and crevices, where you can find the tiniest pygmy seahorse to white tip reef sharks sleeping in the corals.
Weather depending, we could visit the south of Pantar Island as Pulau Lembata that has to offer a very different landscaping. In the south Savu Sea has currents with different nutrients and a colder water temperature give life to another dimension. Bays full of exceptional world class macro and isolated rocks out at sea make this especial diving were the critters seems from another planet.
In Alor we find yet again great diversity, from vertical coral walls to sloping gardens covered in anemones for miles on end. We can dive an active volcano where you can see hot air bubbles coming from the rocks. Because we are in the Pantar Strait that brings lots of nutrients, we can also expect to see some dolphins or even whales welcoming us into the bay. With a bit of luck, the coolers currents bring us the Mola Mola or even Thresher shark.
We can visit a village that still lives the traditional ways and they will invite us for a traditional ceremony with dance performance. Near our anchoring in Pura Island we get the village kids with their wooden crafted goggles, showing of their free diving skills. Almost always locals approach the boat with their finest handcrafted “Ikat” Fabrics made by a traditional technique in which they wrap threads and tie-dyed before weaving

Kalabahi bay in West Alor, has world class muck diving in the bay, many different ghost pipefish hide in the mucky bottom, many nudi’s and all families of scorpion fish even the elusive rhynopia commonly spotted here.

Wetar island has spectacular drop offs, walls covered in black coral bushes with massive barrel sponges.
Gunung Api is an active volcano, but is most famous for its population of sea snakes and seabirds. The birds will come and greet you far before you reach the island. From the moment you jump in you are surrounded by sea snakes.
They are very friendly and will leave you alone to enjoy the dramatic lava formations in this unique underwater location. Huge barrel sponges, sea wipes, sea fans, hard and soft corals. We have been very lucky to spot hammerheads here.
In Damar, Terbang Selatan and Terbang Utara deserted islands with steep walls and the most pristine coral garden on top of the reef.
Nil Desperandum is an underwater seamount rising from the depths to about 3 meters below the surface right in the middle of Banda Sea. Besides the unspoiled coral encounters with the bigger pelagic tuna, rainbow runners, spanish mackerel.
With Serua Island from September to November is known as migrations areas for Hammerheads sharks.
On Dawera Island we can visit a small but very self-sustainable village. They have solar power panels and a generator. There is a school and a doctor’s office and is full of overly friendly people to welcome you and show you around the village where the streets even have names. They have a good understanding of self-sustainability therefor are very protective and regulate their fish population. They have shown us 2 amazing underwater pinnacles booming with fish life.
If you have time to spend in Saumlaki on Tanimbar island, we recommend you to go visit the woodcarvers.

What’s Included

  • VAT
  • Airport Transfer
  • Drinking Water, Tea & Coffee, Welcome Cocktails
  • Full-Board Meal Plan (All meals), Snacks
  • Diving Package
  • Land Excursions
  • Cabin Towels, Complimentary Toiletries, Deck Towels.

What’s Excluded

  • Trip fees (Including fuel charge, Port fees, local communities support, eco projects, etc…) : USD 35 per day, to be paid on board
  • Dive Insurance, Travel Insurance
  • Gratuities
  • International and domestic flights
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Soft drinks
  • Nitrox (USD 70 per trip)
  • Private Dive Guide
  • Rental Gear (USD 260 / trip)
  • Laundry / Pressing Services
  • Massage

About The Ilike Liveaboard

The ILIKÉ was built on Sulawesi in Bira in 2010 in the traditional Indonesian way.
The hull is made of ironwood and the body is teak.

MSY likes to cater to up to 14 guests. It has 7 cabins that have AC with an ensuite bathroom and hot shower, toilet, and sink. Indonesian and International meals will be served in the spacious saloon with an open kitchen, or in the outdoor sitting area at the stern of the boat, well protected from wind while sailing. The comfortable dive deck in front of the boat is one of the most spacious on Indonesian liveaboards. As a diver, you can choose to dive on Air or Nitrox from our membrane Nitrox compressor. Between dives, you are invited to catch some sun on our sun deck, where you will also enjoy spectacular sunsets while sipping a cool drink!

About The Ilike Liveaboard

Maximum passengers: 14
Number of cabins: 7

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