30% OFF 11 Days Dive Adventure in Western Sulawesi | May 24 – June 3

Destination: Sulawesi
Departure date: May 24, 2024
From: Kendari
Arrival date: June 3, 2024
To: Bangka
Regular price: 5500 USD / Person
Promotion price: 3850 USD / Person

Ready for the dive trip of a lifetime? Dive into Indonesia’s underwater wonders with Tambora Liveaboard. Get 30% OFF on their 11-day journey from Kendari to Bitung, North Sulawesi, starting May 24th. Only 8 spots left!

Trip Details

  • Trip Date: May 24th, 2024 – June 3rd, 2024
  • Trip Start/Finish: Kendari / Bitung
  • Durations: 11 days / 10 nights
  • Certification requirement: AOW or equivalent, min. 60 logged dives

Cabins Price

  • Twin Cabin: original price USD 5.500/pax. NOW ONLY USD 3.850/pax (6 spots left)
  • Master Cabin: original price USD 6.000/pax. NOW ONLY USD 4.200/pax (2 spots left)

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Day 1:

  • Check in Kendari continue cruising to coral atolls of Saponda

Day 2:

  • Long cruising to Saponda offer a diverse range of underwater landscapes, including flat reefs and deep drop-offs. These unique formations provide opportunities for exploration dives, allowing divers to discover the hidden wonders of the ocean and giving you ample time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding seascape.

Day 3:

  • Luwuk & Banggai The Banggai island group is located in the eastern part of central Sulawesi, at the border between the Banda Sea and the Maluku Sea. Most of the dives are on off-shore reefs with vertical walls down to several hundred meters. You can easily drift along these beautiful walls, with a lot of gorgonians and black coral bushes, small caves, and overhangs. On some fringing reefs, you may also encounter larger animals like turtles, groupers, and occasionally sharks and rays. The inner islands, the atolls, are more protected for critters like frogfish, ribbon eel, bobtail squid, and endemic species like the Banggai cardinalfish.

Day 4:

  • Boalemo The walls here are spectacular sites with soft corals and good chances to see a lot of fish like mackerels, tunas, barracudas, surgeonfish, sweetlips, and triggerfish in the blue, especially when the current is running. These walls also provide shelter for various species of sea turtles, which can often be spotted gracefully swimming through the vibrant coral gardens. Additionally, lucky divers may even encounter larger marine creatures, such as reef sharks and eagle rays, gliding through the depths.

Day 5:

  • Togean Togian Island Group (Kepulauan Togian) is an archipelago of six main and about 60 smaller islands that are of volcanic origin; actually, Una Una in the northwest is an active volcano. The island’s unique geography has created three distinct types of reefs—atolls, barrier reefs, and fringing reefs—in one of the few areas of the world where all three can be found in the same area. There are numerous fascinating dive sites here, from a large barrier reef, where there are caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs along with exciting schooling fish action and swift currents, to smaller fringing reefs as well as a few atolls. The reefs and large coastal mangrove areas are habitat and breeding areas for the hawksbill turtle, the green turtle, and the dugong. Fish life is abundant, with sightings of reef sharks, rays, tunas, and barracudas being common. There are plenty of turtles, Napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrotfish, and realms of colorful reef inhabitants. Apart from the number and variety of fish, the Togians feature amazing corals and black coral bushes, huge gorgonians and whip corals stretching high into the blue, and stunning barrel sponges on the reef.

Day 6:

  • Tomini Bay Gorontalo, located right in Tomoni bay, centre Sulawesi, has a good combination of dive sites with steep drop offs, overhangs, caverns, caves, pinnacles and chimneys clogged with white fans, numerous gorgonian sea fans, dramatic walls with dense coral growth and mixed coral gardens up shallow in addition to black coral bushes and large sponges. Divers can find several large Salvador Dali sponges (Petrosia lignosa), including a huge cluster of barrel sponges. This species of large sponge was discovered in Tomini Bay in the 1920s and is only found on deep walls around this area.

Day 7:

  • The diving adventure continues as we cruise to Gorontalo. Gorontalo is known for its unique underwater topography, with steep walls and dramatic drop-offs. Divers can expect to encounter a wide variety of marine species, including large pelagics such as sharks and rays. The visibility in Gorontalo is often excellent, allowing for stunning views of the vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life. Get ready for an exhilarating day of diving in this captivating destination.

Day 8:

  • Tanjung Fresco The sites of Tanjung Fresco, situated at the foot of the point bearing the same name, offers beautifully colorful pinnacles. Here again, we find abundant sponges plus soft and hard corals and macro-fauna. Divers can explore the vibrant coral gardens and swim through the towering pinnacles, creating a breathtaking backdrop for underwater photography. The diverse marine life includes schools of colorful reef fish, elusive octopuses, and graceful sea turtles, making each dive at Tanjung Fresco a truly unforgettable experience.

Day 9:

  • Lembeh 3 dives Cruising about 10 hours from Bitung, divers will reach the Lembeh Strait, known as the “Critter Capital of the World.” This area is famous for its incredible biodiversity and is a paradise for macro photography enthusiasts. Divers can expect to encounter a wide range of fascinating critters such as flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, and pygmy seahorses. The three dives planned for this day will allow divers to fully immerse themselves in this underwater wonderland.

Day 10:

  • At Bitung Dive in the heaven of macro – Lembeh Mandarin fish is the highlight of this dive site. The waters are teeming with unique marine life, including the rare banggai cardinalfish and Salvador Dali sponges. The crystal clear blue water provides excellent visibility for divers to explore the vibrant underwater world.

Day 11:

Check out Bitung

Note: All schedules are subject to changes according to the weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

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What’s Included

  • Soft drinks & Beer
  • Arrival and departure airport / hotel transfer
  • Accommodation on board, meals and snacks
  • Mineral Water, tea and coffee
  • 3 dives a day + 1-night dives
  • Tanks and weights

What’s Excluded

  • National Park Fees: 200 USD per trip
  • Port Fees: 150 USD per trip
  • Equipment rental
  • Dive insurance
  • Tipping crew
  • Personal expenses

Secure your spot today for an unforgettable dive experience. Contact us on now if you have any questions and to book your spot!

About The Tambora

The Tambora liveaboard will take you to the best scuba diving destinations in Indonesia and offers high standards of service et safery. The Tambora sails in Raja Ampat, Halmahera, Lembeh, the Banda Sea, Wakatobi, the Togean islands and a few more off the beaten path destinations. Let’s learn more about this great traditional phinisi features and itineraries!

Tambora serves as an ideal Liveaboard Diving vessel, offering an exceptional diving experience. Tambora prioritizes attention to details, delivering a comprehensive underwater adventure. Its commitment extends beyond conventional scuba diving, ensuring a 5-star experience tailored to every moment.

The Boat

The Tambora Liveaboard is a traditional Indonesian two-masted sailing ship, known as a Pinisi, representing the rich maritime heritage of the Indonesian archipelago. It is outfitted with state-of-the-art navigation and safety features, ensuring a secure and comfortable voyage for passengers.

Featuring just 8 spacious guest suites (2 doubles and 6 twins), Tambora offers an intimate setting that guarantees personalized attention and a cozy atmosphere while exploring the diving sites of Indonesia.

Each suite aboard the Tambora Liveaboard is meticulously designed to provide the comfort of a five-star hotel, boasting amenities such as air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, and ample storage space. Panoramic windows in every suite ensure uninterrupted views of the surrounding seascape.

Tambora’s communal areas, including a lounge, dining room, sun deck, and dedicated camera room, are thoughtfully crafted to cater to guests’ relaxation and socializing needs following a day of spectacular diving adventures.

Scuba Diving Experience

With more than 15 years of expertise in the liveaboard diving industry, Tambora stands ready to fulfill all your diving requirements.

The Tambora Liveaboard navigates to some of Indonesia’s most remarkable dive sites, encompassing destinations such as Komodo, Raja Ampat, the Banda Sea, and Sulawesi. With a diver-to-guide ratio of four to one, our team of experienced dive masters and instructors ensures that each dive is conducted safely, with a focus on enjoyment and environmental conservation.

Our diving operation is equipped with cutting-edge gear, including Nitrox support and facilities tailored for technical divers. We also provide specialized services for photographers and videographers, offering dedicated spaces for equipment maintenance and storage. Embark on a journey with Tambora Liveaboard to explore vibrant coral reefs, encounter majestic manta rays, and immerse yourself in the diverse macro life that defines Indonesia as a diver’s paradise.

Unique Itineraries

  • Best of Raja Ampat – 11 days
  • The Halmahera Crown – 10 days
  • Misool – South Raja Ampat – 8 days
  • The Spices of Neira – 8 days
  • Perals of Sngihe – 11 days
  • Wakatobi Exploration and Expedition – 12 days
  • Seram Sea Expedition – 14 days
  • Ring of Fire – 12 days
  • The Togean Exploration – 8 days
  • Gems of Alor – 8 days
  • Misool – Kaimana – 12 days
  • Tranquil Sulawesi – 11 days

About The Tambora

Maximum passengers: 16
Number of cabins: 8

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