Anne Bonny: 15% OFF on 9D8N Open Trip to Raja Ampat | Nov 26 – Dec 4

Destination: Raja Ampat
Departure date: November 26, 2023
From: Sorong
Arrival date: December 4, 2023
To: Sorong
Regular price: 4500 USD / Person
Promotion price: 3825 USD / Person

Anne Bonny Liveaboard is offer a 15% discount on their upcoming 9-day, 8-night open trip to Raja Ampat North (Wayag). Have you ever dreamed of exploring the pristine waters and breathtaking landscapes of Raja Ampat in Indonesia? Now is your chance! Raja Ampat is one of the world’s most spectacular diving destinations. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, it boasts unparalleled marine biodiversity and stunning landscapes. Wayag is located in the northern part of Raja Ampat, is famous for its iconic karst islets, crystal-clear waters, and beautiful viewpoints.

The trip will start from November 26th to December 4th, 2023 (9D8N). You can dive into a world of natural wonder, vibrant marine life, and unforgettable experiences with Anne Bonny Liveaboard.

Trip Details

  • Departure: 26th November – 4th December 2023
  • Trip Start/Finish: Sorong
  • Duration: 9 days, 8 nights
  • Dive: up to 20 dives

Cabins Price

  • USD 7650/cabin fit for 2-3 people instead of USD 9000.


  • Day 1: Embarkation in Sorong (1 Dive, Mioskon – the “Bat” Island, Beach Bonfire)
    • After a short transfer in the morning to the harbour from Sorong Airport or your hotel, you will be welcome onboard the Anne Bonny liveaboard. Following refreshments and a short tour of the ship, you will be briefed on safety, diving operations, and life onboard. We will aim to depart by 11 am (or when the last guest is onboard) and head 5 hours north to Waisai.
  • Day 2: Dampier Straight (3 Dives, Mioskon, Sardine Reef &Yenbuba Jetty)
    • We begin the day with dives at Mioskon & Sardine Reef. Ironically, sardines are about the only reef fish not found at Sardine reef, but you’ll hardly notice as “fish thunder” (the loud booming sound made when large numbers of fish move rapidly through open water) engulfs you, and swarms of fish block out the sky. Both are incredible dive sites full of schooling fish, including fusiliers, surgeonfish, trevallies, rainbow runners, sweetlips and bannerfish. The reefs are adorned in sea fans, soft corals and orange elephant ear sponges In the afternoon, you will dive Yanbuba jetty, famous for large fish congregations under the Village Jetty. For sunset, we will make a navigation crossing to Penemu.
  • Day 3: Penemu Archipelago (3 Dives, Lagoon Cruising, Trekking to the View Point)
    • Early in the morning, we will arrive at Penemu’s My Reef dive site where you will enjoy one of the largest concentrations of fish in the area. This site is very impressive, particularly when the current is strong. Before lunch we’ll squeeze in a second dive at Melissa’s Garden, a beautiful coral garden teeming with schooling fish and sharks, you will take a short boat tour to Penemu Islands and walk up to the famous viewpoint above Penemu star-shaped lagoons. Night Dive in the area.
  • Day 4: Kawe to Wayag (3 Dives, Lagoon Exploration and Trekking)
    • We will make our way across the Equator and towards the picturesque and famousLagoons of Wayag. On the way, you will dive at Eagle Rock; a large area made up of 3 differing islets that are interconnected underwater. Large schools of fish, including bumphead parrotfish, congregate here, as well as winged pipefish, several species of dragonets and an array of unusual nudibranchs not often seen anywhere else in Raja Ampat. Before entering the lagoons and anchoring, you will dive at Black Rock, a site famous for its lush black coral forests and gorgonian sea fans decorating the sloping rocks and reef.
    • The afternoon will be spent exploring the area by kayak, paddle boarding or speed boat. Here, we can ascend and trek to a vantage point on Mount Pindito where you will get a 360° panoramic view of the spectacular landscape, and if lucky, the shapes of mantas revealed in the shallow turquoise waters below. Night Dive in the lagoon.
  • Day 5: Wayag (3 Dives, Diving with Manta Rays, Shark Sanctuary)
    • In the morning, we dive into our secret Manta cleaning point to observe this graceful animal gliding amongst the 2 cleaning stations we recently discovered. After lunch, we will go to the Shark sanctuary in the archipelago’s heart. Here you will have a meet with around 20 friendly juvenile sharks swimming by the beach. Afternoon dive Ridge Rock. Evening navigation to Wofo Island.
  • Day 6: Wofo (3 Dives and Beach BBQ)
    • We start the day with an early navigation to the Wofo Island area. Here, in the morning you will dive at Wofo’s Black Forest, a stunning dive traversing the deep black fan landscape rising to a beautiful and pristine shallow reef. The second dive is a Wofo Tembok (a wall dive) and finally Teman Wofo. The evening will be spent on a secluded beach experiencing one of Calico Jack’s famous beach BBQ parties, where you relax on our giant bean bags under a pagoda, whilst being served up our chef’s delicious BBQ. Explore the beach, meet the local hermit crabs and indulge in a glass of wine as music is played and fireworks light the night sky.
  • Day 7: Yanggefo (4 Dives and Visit local Village)
    • An early morning’s navigation brings us to the stunning Mangrove Anchorage in the passage of Gam and Yangeffo. Here you will find some of the most stunning dive sites in West Waigeo: Mayhem and Citrus Ridge. In the right conditions, you can expect some of the highest voltage diving in Raja Ampat, with currents bringing in massive schools of barracudas, three species of fusiliers, trevallies, batfish, bump head parrotfish, wobbegongs, as well as black and white tip reef sharks.Afternoon we will move to Arborek village and dive the Arborek jetty, famous for the huge schools of fish that shelter beneath it, and also for the colourful soft corals that cover its piles with pipefish and cuttlefish dwelling more in-depth below. On the reef, giant clams over a hundred years old after the 3rd dive, we will visit the local village and see the traditional way of life for the local island people. Night dive in the area.
  • Day 8: Blue Magic/Cape Kri (2 Dives, Diving Blue Magic, Cape Kiri and Beach Afternoon)
    • We save the very best for the last. During our final diving day, we discover two fabulous dive sites: Blue Magic and Sardine Reef. Both of these sites offer some of the largest concentrations of big fish in Raja Ampat. Large schools of trevallies, barracudas, sweetlips, tuna, and snappers congregate on these sites. Oceanic Manta can also be seen at Blue Magic. In the afternoon, we have time to relax on one of Kri’s secluded beaches before raising the sails and making navigation back to Sorong, here we arrive later in the evening.
  • Day 9: Disembarkation in Sorong
    • After breakfast and the last exchange of photos and memories, the crew and Anne Bonny Liveaboard will say our fondest farewell and transport you either to your hotel or airport.

Note: All schedules are subject to changes according to weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

Raja Ampat is a dream destination for divers, nature enthusiasts, and adventurers alike. Don’t miss this chance to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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About The Anne Bonny

This liveaboard can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people, making it ideal for intimate trips with family or friends. Anne Bonny sails through Komodo Natinal Park and Raja Ampat depending on the time of year, and is only available for charters.

About Anne Bonny Liveaboard

With 3 en-suite cabins, Anne Bonny is designed for small group getaways, ensuring a comfortable and personalised atmosphere throughout your journey. This liveaboard has been built by an experienced Italian shipbuilder renowned for his attention to detail. By harmoniously combining the traditional design of the Phinisi with Western sailing ships interior design, the boat displays a timeless elegance on the water.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary culinary adventure aboard Anne Bonny. The fabulous chef, trained by one of Bali’s leading culinary experts, brings his expertise from renowned establishments such as Bella and Sagerestaurants, as well as the Marriott Group in Singapore. As a result, expect nothing less than excellence as you savour the chef’s delicious creations, freshly prepared on board. Furthermore, this phinisi will not only satisfies your culinary desires, but also your thirst for aquatic adventure. Fully equipped for diving and snorkelling, it promises unforgettable underwater explorations.

The Cabins

Anne Bonny can host 6 adults and 4 children or 8 adults in 3 cabins, that are all equipped with:

  • 1 bathroom with a hot shower,
  • Air-Conditioner,
  • Wall fans,
  • Charging station,
  • Journaling table
  • Many drawers for safe storage.

Master Cabin – 1 Double Bed & 1 Buncked Bed

2 Double Cabins – 1 Double Bed & 1 Single Bed

The Itineraries

From May to September – Komodo National Park

Immerse yourself in the underwater world and encounter the legendary Komodo Dragons, making this destination an absolute paradise for both land and underwater wildlife enthusiasts.

From October to April – Raja Ampat & Surroundings

Experience the absolute magnificence of Batanta, Waigeo, Misool, and Salawati—the main islands that showcase the marine biodiversity nurtured by the convergence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

What’s Included

  • Car transfer to/from Airport/Hotel
  • Full board accommodation
  • 3 meals/day, snacks and soft drinks
  • Dive Guides
  • 3 or 4 dives/day + alternating additional night dives
  • Fishing equipment where allowed
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Sup Paddle Boards
  • Kayaks
  • Emergency breathing oxygen
  • Standard medical supplies
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Daily house keeping
  • Full crew with planned itinerary

What’s Excluded

  • Park and port fees $250
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Laundry services
  • Domestic, visa fees and airport taxes
  • Dive equipment rental and courses onboard
  • Massage
  • Crew gratuities

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About The Anne Bonny

Maximum passengers: 10
Number of cabins: 3

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