Spend 7 Nights, Pay for 6 on this Luxury Raja Ampat Charter Cruise this December

Destination: Raja Ampat
Departure date: December 1, 2023
From: Sorong
Arrival date: December 17, 2023
To: Sorong
Regular price: 9240 USD / Person
Promotion price: 7920 USD / Person

Snap up our last available voyages and set sail for Raja Ampat this December. Because we know you won’t want to leave, we’re giving away an extra night on us! Explore an archipelago of 1,500 rainforested islands and enjoy endless Rascal fun with our Raja Ampat itinerary. With pristine beaches, dome-shaped islets, hidden lagoons and crystal-clear waters, you’ll never want to leave.

Relax and slip into the Rascal way of life as we sail into the sunset. The warm and hospitable crew will make sure your every need is taken care of. All you need to worry about is what cocktail to have next!

Available dates and pricing

  • December 1st to 8th, 2023
  • December 10th to 17th, 2023
  • USD 79200 instead of USD 92,400 for boat charter up to 10 guests

Price includes absolutely everything for up to 10 people – accommodation, airport transfers, all activities, park fees, taxes and excursions – with the exception of alcoholic drinks. Gratuities are additional.


We appreciate every moment is special, and that food can make or break an experience. That’s why we’ve made food a key pillar of every Rascal Voyage.
Our philosophy is based on simplicity. Simple, yet delectable. Fresh produce, dishes packed with flavour. International cuisine with a local twist.
Whether you’re enjoying a cheeseburger with an ice cold beer and your toes in the sand; or savouring a perfectly grilled snapper with a crisp glass of white wine, we make sure it is delivered to Rascal perfection.


Day 1

Sorong port to Friwinbonda island in the Dampier Strait.
Relax and slip into the Rascal life; snorkel along a shallow soft coral reef; and enjoy a beautiful beach setting.
What you’ll see: Gigantic gorgonian sea fans, reef fish, porcupine fish, batfish and hawksbill turtles to name a few.
Enjoy the sheer abundance of fascinating marine life leisurely swimming past you.
Try your hand at the rope swing on the beach; from tree to sea in one fell swoop.

Day 2

The atoll of Wayag, famous for its untouched, hidden beaches and mushroom-like islands.
Snorkel, dive, kayak or SUP; explore the beach; and hike up the rainforest trail to Pindito, Wayag’s highest hill.
What you’ll see: Giant clams and reef fish such as fusiliers and oriental sweetlips, as well as blacktip reef sharks in the water; and the stunning panoramic view from Pindito.
The highlight: A magical pop-up dinner on a secluded beach under the stars.
Try your hand at jumping off the 7m roof deck. Too strenuous? Opt for a gentle kayak around the lagoon.

Day 3

Spend the day in Wayag before heading to Waigeo, the largest of the four main islands in Raja Ampat.
What you’ll do: Snorkel, dive, water sports or simply zone out to the sound of music at your very own beach club, complete with cocktails, a private bar and snacks.
What you’ll see: Bargibanti pygmy seahorses and pelagic fish gliding in the current in the sloping coral reef amongst others.
The highlight: Feeling truly relaxed whilst taking in the stunning beach scenery.
Try your hand at: Taking up the Rascal crew on a game of beach volleyball or football.

Day 4

Waislip and Penemu, home to stunning lagoons.
What you’ll do: Bird watching in the mangrove; snorkel or dive; and a gentle trek to Penemu’s panoramic viewpoint.
What you’ll see: An array of exquisite birds including wreathed hornbills, brahminy kites, whitebellied sea eagles and king cockatoos on land; and dolphins, wobbegong and reef sharks in the water.
The highlight: The sound of birdsong ringing through the quiet of the early morning.
Try your hand at: Snorkelling or diving at Melissa’s Garden – a spectacular site famed for the size of its reef and abundance of marine life.

Day 5

Batanta and Mansuar islands, home to beautiful bays and local villages.
What you’ll do: Snorkel or dive and visit the village of Sawanderek. Tour the village with the tribal leader and learn how the
community has lived in harmony with the land and ocean for generations.
What you’ll see: The biggest green turtles you’ve seen in your life!
The highlight: Getting up close and personal with the majestic manta rays.
Try your hand at: Practicing your Bahasa Indonesia with the villagers.

Day 6

Mansuar island, and the famous Yanbuba jetty.
What you’ll do: Snorkel, dive or simply relax.
What you’ll see: A dazzling variety of reef fish, giant sweetlips, barracudas and nudibranchs, amongst others as you drift along with the current.
The highlight: The inwater experience around the stilts of the jetties filled with schools of fish.
Try your hand at: Fish food golf. Grab a nine iron and a bucket of beers and hit some balls – made of fish food – far into the ocean.

Day 7

Waigeo, in the Dampier Strait.
What you’ll do: Bird watching, snorkel or dive, and enjoy a traditional Indonesian Rijsttafel dinner to celebrate your last night on board.
What you’ll see: Birds of paradise at Tapokreng; the thousands of bats at Mioskon island.
The highlight: Watching the iconic bird of paradise doing its mating dance.
Try your hand at: Diving at Blue Magic, a submerged underwater pinnacle and a renowned cleaning station for oceanic manta rays with a wingspan of up to 7 metres.

Day 8

Wake up for an early breakfast before saying goodbye to the crew, who will escort you to your hotel or back to the airport. Check out is at 11am.

About The Rascal

This traditional handmade phinisi yacht was built in 2015 in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Rascal is available for private charter experiences and each itinerary is tailor-made according to group size and preference to provide a bespoke cruising experience.

About Rascal Liveaboard

Rascal Liveaboard measures 30 meters overall. All in all, it can accommodate up to 10 guests across 5 luxurious cabins and 4 spacious common areas. With its luxurious interior, it feels like a spacious floating villa, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the stunning scenery around you. Enjoy simple, yet delectable international cuisine with a local twist made with fresh products on board. All five unique cabins are ensuite. Each cabin offers a spacious high ceiling and hand-crafted interiors designed by Charles Orchard of iBal Designs. Additionally, the cabins come with a flat-screen TV, sound systems, and universal electric sockets.

Life Onboard

Rascal Liveaboard offers an array of activities to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout their voyage. From kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboarding, diving certifications to yoga, cooking classes, village and market tours, there is something for everyone on board. Guests can also enjoy pop-up beach restaurants, wildlife watching, and pop-up beach clubs.

The Iteneraries

Rascal Liveaboard offers four different itineraries, each with its own unique highlights.

  • Komodo National Park – Available all year round.
  • Banda Sea – Only available twice a year in October/November and March/April.
  • Raja Ampat – Available from October to April.
  • Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, and Flores – Available from April to October

About The Rascal

Maximum passengers: 10
Number of cabins: 5

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