USD 810 Off on this 6 Days 5 Nights Central Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard | Dec 5 – 10

Destination: Raja Ampat
Departure date: December 5, 2023
From: Sorong
Arrival date: December 10, 2023
To: Sorong
Regular price: 2445 USD / Person
Promotion price: 1635 USD / Person

Great news! Teman Liveaboard offers an exclusive 33% discount on the upcoming 6-day, 5-night liveaboard expedition to Central Raja Ampat. The trip starts and finishes in Sorong from the 5th – 10th of December 2023. If you’ve been dreaming of exploring the vibrant marine wonders of Central Raja Ampat, now is the time to turn those dreams into reality. Only 2 spots left!

Trip Details

  • Departure: 5th – 10th December 2023
  • Trip Start/Finish: Sorong
  • Duration: 9 days, 8 nights
  • Dives: up to 20 dives


  • From $2,445 per pax. NOW ONLY $1,635 per pax.

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  • Day 1: Sorong to Waisai
    • This day marks the start of your cruise with us in Raja Ampat. Depart from the port of Sorong, where you can board our Phinisi and take possession of your cabin! We’ll start our cruise in the direction of Waisai. To start our cruise, we’ll take you to our very first dive spot called Saonek Monde.
  • Day 2: Pianemo
    • For our second day, we’ll be sailing to Pianemo! After breakfast, we’ll dive Melissa’s Garden, famous for its variety and density of corals. We’ll then enjoy a drift dive on the Keruo channel. In the afternoon, we head to Penemu Island for a short walk to a magnificent viewpoint in a star-shaped lagoon. Finally, we’ll dive Galaxy, a magnificent reef home to abundant underwater life.
  • Day 3: Yangello
    • Welcome to Yengello! This calm and relaxing area offers 3 diving spots: Mangrove Ridge, Citrus Ridge and Mayhem. This is also a relaxing part of our cruise, as a calm lagoon awaits you to relax. Ideal for activities such as kayaking or paddling and spending the night peacefully in the bay.
  • Day 4: Arborek
    • After a morning dive in Yengello at Way Pretty Shallow we start cruising back to the Dampier Strait where the Arborek village is located. There, we dive the famous Manta Ridge and/or Manta Sandy to get the chance to encounter the majestic Manta Rays. Depending on the success of the first manta dive, we can also choose to dive in the Arborek Jetty, famous for its huge clams.
  • Day 5: Cape Kri
    • We now head back east and stop at the Yenbuba village to enjoy a nice peaceful dive at the Yenbuba Jetty dive site. Next, Cape Kri is said to be one of the most biodiverse sites on the planet with a record 293 species recorded by experts on a single dive. Last but not least, it’s now time to enjoy a Sunset Beach BBQ! We promise you an unforgettable evening! We cruise back to Sorong at night to make sure no flights are missed the next day.
  • Day 6: Back to Sorong
    • We’re now back in Sorong and its already time to say goodbye!

Note: All schedules are subject to changes according to weather, sea, diving, & local conditions.

Embark on a journey like no other with Teman Liveaboard and experience the magic of Central Raja Ampat at an unbeatable price. Dive into adventure, explore vibrant coral reefs, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your spot now and get ready for an extraordinary underwater expedition!

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About The Teman

Teman is a wooden liveaboard designed to sail the Indonesian archipelago, with 5 cabins for up to 12 guests. Built using a variety of wood species, it offers comfortable and spacious living and lounge areas, as well as essential safety equipment. Specializing in diving and adventure cruises, the crew has 20 years of experience sailing across Indonesia.

About Teman

Teman was launched in June 2017. It was in the region of Bonto Bahari South Sulawesi. Indonesia’s renowned hub for traditional wooden boat building. This boat has been specifically designed to sail the seas of the Indonesian archipelago. With 5 spacious and comfortable cabins, Teman can host up to 12 guests on board.

It was built using a rich variety of wood species, mainly “iron woods” (Ulin, Nona-lara, Merbau) and teak. Particular care has been taken in selecting, drying and positioning the different types of timbers to capture their natural strength and to highlight the beautiful textures and tones of the different woods during the boat’s construction process.

Specializing in diving and adventure cruises, Teman and it’s crew look forward to welcoming and sharing with you the gems they have discovered during their 20 years of experience sailing across Indonesia.

See you on board soon!

How is life onboard?

This ship designed to offer incredible landscapes during their journey. Whether it be on one of our sun decks, or protected by the sun in the open space-chill out area, everyone can find the perfect spot to rest and relish.

The dining room is about 35m2 with a magnificent Tek wood table, suitable for up to 12 people. The kitchen is open to the living room.

The cabins

Four cabins are located in the front of the boat, and one cabin on the stern.

  • SERAM and CELEBES have a double bed and a single bed.
  • BANDA and MALUKU  have a double bed and a bunk bed.
  • FLORES, on the back of the boat, have a double bed and a bunk bed with a direct access to the stern skirt.

All the cabins have an en-suite bathroom with hot water, remote controlled air conditioning, integrated storage units, charging stations (220v), reading lamps, two portholes and a hatch.

Safety Equipment

Essential safety equipment that we have on-board:

  • 2 inflatable life rafts (15 pax/raft)
  • life jackets (30pax)
  • life buoys
  • fire extinguishers
  • first aid
  • oxygen tank

There is an indoor and outdoor lounge area where you can relax and enjoy freshly prepared cuisine. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, which makes Teman a perfect choice to explore Indonesian Archipelago.

Where does the Teman sails?

From June to October, dive into the rich biodiversity of Komodo National Park and encounter Komodo dragons, sharks, manta rays, turtles, and more. From October to June, explore Raja Ampat‘s stunning coral reefs and see rare endemic species such as the tasseled Wobbegong shark. You can also request trips to Banda Sea, Triton Bay, Sulawesi, and Halmahera for a unique and personalized adventure.

About The Teman

Maximum passengers: 12
Number of cabins: 5

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