This October, the Seven Seas is running 2 amazing Learning Adventure Expeditions! The focus of these trips will be on oceanic cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in the Solor and Alor archipelago. Each trip is 9 days / 8 nights long and starts and finishes in Maumere. Aboard this trip will be marine mammal expert Benjamin Kahn and filmmaker and wildlife expert Francois Odendaal.

A typical day on this trip will consist of 2-morning dives/snorkels followed by the afternoon spent at sea attempting to get close encounters with marine mammals. According to Ben, October is prime time for the Whales. We can also expect great weather and calm seas during this time of the year. After our afternoon “whale patrols” (cetacean habitat and whale watching activities), there will opportunities for dusk or night dives on at least 3 occasions.

We will be on the look-out for the tall blows of the mysterious Pygmy Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda), with adults measuring up to 25 meters in length.  Blue whales are the latest of all baleen whales, and largest animal that ever lived on Earth.  The Alor region has several deep, yet narrow passages where we can best spot blue whales on their migration path.  Another noteworthy species in these same waters will be largest toothed whale, the mighty sperm whale.  Ben started his career in marine science as a sperm whale ecologist, and the Savu Sea is a regional stronghold for these whales (and over 20+ other species of marine mammals).  Hence, we can experience many insights on these fascinating deep divers.  If sea state and behaviors are favorable, we hope to get some in-water encounters with these giants along the way.

Other cetacean species we expect to encounter are (selected from a total of 24 species for the Savu Sea, and counting):

  • Melonheaded whales
  • Fraser’s dolphins
  • Spinner dolphins
  • Pilot whales
  • Indonesia’s ‘tropical’ Orcas also seem to frequent the area, especially during blue whale migration.

In addition, several cultural experiences in traditional and coastal villages along the way are on the program. So, there will be an amazing array of experiences throughout the Expedition!

Expedition Leader: Benjamin Kahn form Planet Deep

Benjamin Kahn (aka Ben) is the Director of Planet Deep, an NGO dedicated to oceanic and deep-sea conservation in the coral triangle. His work on blue and sperm whales of the Savu and Banda Seas has been instrumental in the development and in support of several MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) in these waters. Ben will help us navigate to key habitats to find and track whales with minimal disturbance.

Special Guest: Francois Odendaal

Another member of the team will be Francois Odendaal who is another very extremely knowledgeable character. Francois has made films in five continents. He produced and directed several major documentary series and standalone films that aired on major international television networks, which include National Geographic Explorer, ZDF in Germany, Discovery and the BBC’s Classic Adventure series.
Francois has worked extensively as a consultant, advisor to wildlife parks for over 20 countries. During this trip, Francois will be shooting the final part of his World Wildlife Diary Series in Indonesia.

Trip Details

Trip 1: October 8th to 16th

With Benjamin Kahn and Francois Odendaal

Departure: Oct 8 – 6am, Maumere
Arrival: Oct 16 – 11am, Maumere

6 spaces left
– Double cabin lower deck – 4 spots available – USD 4400 / person
– 2 Twin single bunk – 2 spots available – USD 4400 / person

Trip 2: October 17th to 25th

Departure: Oct 17 – 6am, Maumere
Arrival: Oct 25 – 11am, Maumere

16 spaces left
– Double cabin upper deck – 4 spots available – USD 3912 / person
– Twin single bunk – 4 spots available – USD 3432 / person
– Double cabin lower deck – 4 spots available – USD 3432 / person
– Double or twin bunk – 4 spots available – USD 3112 / person

Note: This second trip was added due to popular demand. Benjamin and Francois will not be joining this second expedition.

Interested in joining this trip? Contact us now to secure your spot for this exceptional adventure!

About The Seven Seas Liveaboard

The Seven Seas is a 40m Buginese schooner that has set new standards in Indonesian luxury liveaboards. Custom-designed to accommodate up to 16 guests over three decks, the Seven Seas is perfect for a comfortable scuba diving trip in the Indonesian waters. Read the full boat description here

Included in the price 

  • VAT 
  • Onboard accommodation, 3x meals, snacks, coffee, tea and drinking water
  • Return transfers from/to designated airport to/from the boat on embarkation/disembarkation days
  • Dive master, full dive tanks, weights, weight belts
  • Diving, beach visits, canoe, kayak, stand up paddleboard
  • Cabin and diving towels, bath amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner)

Excluded in the price 

  • Flights (and related admin fee in case of rescheduling), land transportation, accommodation and meals pre and post cruise
  • Soft Drinks, beer, wine, spirits, laundry, massage, merchandise
  • Gears and wetsuits rental
  • Use of satellite phone
  • Personal and medical insurance
  • Visa and related fees
  • Port and Park Fees (USD 30/day)
  • Nitrox (USD 20/day) for up to 4 tanks per day
  • Equipment Rental (USD 30/day) excluded torch
  • 15L tank (USD 15/day) for up to 4 tanks per day
  • Tickets for Lands excursions if applicable 
  • Fuel surcharges (may fluctuate with markets, you may be asked to pay an extra fuel allowance up to 30 days prior to departure, of no more than US$20 per person per day)
  • Staff gratuities, many of our guests base their tips between 5% and 10% of the cost of the trip. Tipping is optional but greatly appreciated! 

Interested in joining this trip? Contact us now to secure your spot for this exceptional adventure!

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