Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide our guests with a unique experience. Our tailor made travels are all unique and created with and for you.

We also  want to support the local economy by helping locals to get more customers while providing authentic tours and activities to our guests.

We promote sustainable tourism and activities, and are building partnerships with local NGOs and initiatives that we support.

Meet the team


Steve fell in love with Bali 3 years ago. After working as a diving instructor here he wanted to share his love for this island and its people by creating Ocean Earth Travels.


Living between Paris and Bali, Fab also fell in love with Indonesia during his first trip here. He naturally joined the team to manage the company growth and marketing strategy.


Nico has been living in Bali for 3 years. Like Steve he was working as a Scuba diving instructor. Creating authentic travels and sharing the passion he has for this country is his goal.

We also created the website www.balireply.com. The objective of this website is to answer questions of travellers in Bali. We offer activities, services, guides and business directory.