Alor Tanapi

Alor Tanapi Dive Resort is located in Sebanjar, West Alor, on the Bird’s Head Peninsula, North of Alor Kecil. The resort is perfect for underwater enthusiasts seeking a unique and unforgettable diving experience in Indonesia. This prime location offers convenient access to plenty of dive sites. Each dive site boasting awe-inspiring underwater landscapes that make Alor a haven for divers.

The Resort

Alor Tanapi Dive Resort takes pride in providing comfortable accommodations that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty surrounding it. The resort offers a range of options, from cozy bungalows to spacious rooms, ensuring that guests can relax and rejuvenate after a day of thrilling underwater adventures. The soothing sounds of the ocean and the gentle sea breeze make for a truly immersive experience. The resort consists of 3 rooms, each featuring an ocean view, a desk, a wardrobe, a roomy balcony for relaxation, and modern Western-style amenities.

Alor Tanapi goes beyond providing just a diving experience. Guests can indulge in freshly prepared meals that showcase the local flavors of Alor.

As a founding member of Aliansi Bahari Alor, a marine association dedicated to promoting sustainable marine tourism, the resort actively contributes to the preservation of the Alor Marine Protected Area. One of the notable initiatives is the focus on minimizing non-organic waste.

The alliance brings together like-minded organizations and individuals working towards a common goal – creating a sustainable marine tourism model. Through collaborative efforts, Alor Tanapi Dive Resort and its partners aim to protect the delicate marine ecosystems, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Scuba Diving in Alor

Nestled strategically within the Pantar Strait, Alor Tanapi Dive Resort provides convenient access to more than 40 distinct dive sites scattered across Alor, Pura, Pantar, Ternate, Buaya, and Treweng islands. These sites are easily reachable within a swift 30–45 minutes speedboat ride.

Alor is renowned for its rich marine biodiversity, and the dive sites around the resort are no exception. Divers can encounter a kaleidoscope of marine life, including colorful coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, majestic pelagics, and rare critters that make every dive a visual feast. The water is so clear that you can see everything, making it a perfect place for underwater exploration.

The underwater topography around Alor Tanapi is diverse and awe-inspiring. Dive into the depths to explore dramatic walls, caves, and overhangs adorned with vibrant coral formations. The variety of underwater landscapes caters to novice and experienced divers, offering a range of depths and challenges.

The people at Alor Tanapi Dive Resort know their stuff. If you’re new to diving, they’ll teach you everything. If you’re already a pro, they’ll make sure you have a blast and see the coolest things. For an extra thrill, try night diving. It’s like a whole new world under the stars. You’ll see glowing creatures and sea life that only comes out at night.

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Features & Amenities

  • Dive Centre
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge Area
  • King-size bed with Mosquito Net
  • Open-air Ensuite Bathroom
  • Hot Water
  • Fan
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Terrace with Hammock and Sofas
  • Fast Boat

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