Cove Eco Resort

Cove Eco Resort located in a secluded cove on a beautiful private island called Yeben Island, Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is a remote archipelago consists over 1.500 small islands, each boasting its unique charm. Yeben Island is the closest island to Pianemo Island. Pianemo is one of the most sought islands for tourism in Raja Ampat. Cove Eco Resort is a diving resort that offers uninterrupted views of the surrounding turquoise waters and majestic limestone cliffs. From lush green jungles to vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, this nature will leave you in AWE!

The Accommodation

This eco-friendly resort is the perfect place for you who’s seeking an idyllic tropical getaway with its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and commitment to sustainability. You will have an unforgettable experience during your stay in this resort. Your comfort and environmental consciousness go hand in hand. You will enjoy modern amenities without compromising this resort’s commitment to sustainability, whether you stay in a luxurious villa, a cozy bungalow, or a charming beachfront cottage.

This resort offers various activities to help you make the most of your stay. Dive into the vibrant coral gardens, swim with exotic marine life, and explore the hidden lagoons. Usually, a maximum of 4 divers per guide. The resort’s experienced guides will ensure that you have unforgettable experiences while respecting the delicate ecosystem.

Indulge yourself in a culinary journey that showcases the finest flavors of Indonesian cuisine at their restaurant. The skilled chef creates exquisite dishes using locally sourced ingredients, including freshly caught seafood and organic produce. Every meal is a treat for your taste buds, from traditional Indonesian delicacies to international favorites.

Let’s plan your visit with us and immerse yourself in the wonders of Raja Ampat! A destination you will remember for a lifetime.



Features & Amenities

  • PADI Dive Center
  • Friendly family atmosphere
  • Free Wi-Fi internet in common area
  • Glass bottom Kayak
  • Transparent Kayak
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Excursion around the best Raja Ampat spot: Pianemo, Wayag, The Passage, Dampier Strait, Birdwatching in Gam Island
  • Restaurant
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Full board accommodation with 3 meals/day (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner)
  • Include water, tea, coffee
  • Fusion Cuisine (not buffet style)
  • Menu with no repetition over a week
  • Complimentary Cove Eco Resort drinking bottle for each guest

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