Mambo Beach Resort

Mambo Beach Resort is a captivating dive resort that captures the essence of Nusa Penida’s natural beauty. Nusa Penida, Bali, is a hidden gem in the Indonesian archipelago known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. It is a true paradise for divers and beach lovers alike.

About Mambo Beach Resort

The resort is nestled along the shoreline, and it gives you direct access to the beach. It allows you to step onto the soft sand and into the warm embrace of the Indian Ocean with ease.

One of the standout features of Mambo Beach Resort is its rustic yet vibrant ambiance. The resort’s architecture and decor blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. It is creating an atmosphere that feels cozy and exotic. The earthy tones, traditional Balinese craftsmanship, and lush greenery make you feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise.

Each room comes with a terrace or balcony featuring a daybed and swing. It allows you to soak in the breathtaking views of the pool and the lush surroundings.

The resort boasts two swimming pools. You can take a refreshing dip or simply lounge by the pool with a cocktail. You will find the perfect spot to unwind.

The resort’s restaurant offers a delectable array of international and local cuisine. Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars or a hearty breakfast prior your day of diving adventures.

Nusa Penida is a dream destination for avid divers and snorkelers. The resort offers dive packages, equipment rental, and even diving courses for beginners. No matter if you’re an experienced diver or a first timer, the crystal-clear waters surrounding Nusa Penida ensure to leave you in awe.

Ready to experience the enchantment of Mambo Beach Resort for yourself? Let’s plan your next tropical getaway and immerse yourself in the beauty of Nusa Penida with us!



Features & Amenities

  • 2 Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Beachfront
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking

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