Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a natural wonder located in the heart of Indonesia. Best known for its iconic dragons, the park offers much more than encounters with these prehistoric creatures. In fact, its crystal-clear waters and spectacular coral reefs make it a dream destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The reason? Nutrient-rich ocean currents that attract an impressive diversity of marine life, from majestic manta rays to schools of colorful fish.

Whether you’re an experienced diver or an adventurous beginner, Komodo’s dive sites promise unforgettable adventures beneath the surface. Discover the 5 best dive sites in Komodo that will amaze you with their beauty and exceptional biodiversity.

Diving the best sites in Komodo: what you need to know

While the Komodo Park offers a variety of dive sites suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced divers, the best sites we’re going to talk about in this article can be relatively technical. Indeed, the region’s powerful and ever-changing marine currents can sometimes make these sites particularly demanding. To fully appreciate the exceptional beauty and biodiversity of these places, a certain amount of diving experience is therefore recommended. Experienced divers will be better able to manage the challenges posed by these conditions, enabling safe exploration and a more rewarding diving experience.

If you’re a beginner or inexperienced diver, we recommend that you upgrade your skills or learn to dive before planning a diving trip to Komodo.

What are the 5 best dive sites in Komodo?

As the appreciation of a dive site is directly linked to a diver’s personal preferences and level of experience, it can be complicated, if not impossible, to draw up an immutable list of the 5 best dives in Komodo.

That said, based on our experience, we’ve listed below our 5 favorite dive sites in Komodo for their biodiversity, spectacular underwater scenery and uniqueness.

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Batu Bolong: the best dive site in Komodo for its biodiversity

Batu Bolong, which means “pierced rock” in Indonesian, is one of Komodo’s most famous dive sites. This isolated rock, visible from the surface and descending to a depth of no less than 85 meters, is surrounded by powerful currents that make it a veritable magnet for marine life. You’ll find an incredible diversity of colorful corals, reef fish, turtles and even reef sharks. The richness of its biodiversity makes it a must for experienced divers, and without doubt one of the best dive sites in Komodo.

Good to know! When currents reach one side of the rock, they generate a significant downwash, forcing divers to limit their dive to the other side of the site. This results in two completely different dives, depending on the direction of the current. The south side is a gentle slope, but the north side offers a much steeper and more varied topography.

Castle Rock: Komodo’s best dive site for spotting big fish

White tip reef shark - Castle Rock, Komodo

Castle Rock is renowned for its impressive encounters with large marine predators. Located in the north of Komodo Island, this underwater pinnacle rises from a depth of 75 meters to around 3-4 meters below the surface.

Currents can be strong, making this a dive for experienced divers only. In fact, a rapid descent to 25 meters is generally recommended. You can then hang onto a rock in the current and start to admire schools of giant trevally, barracudas, grey reef sharks and tuna swimming around you. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to observe some spectacular hunting scenes.

Tatawa Kecil: Komodo’s best dive site for coral gardens

Tatawa Kecil Reef with grouper

Tatawa Kecil is a small island south of Tatawa Besar. While this site, renowned for its lush coral gardens and fascinating underwater topography, is undoubtedly one of Komodo’s best diving spots, it also offers one of the park’s most technical outings. In addition to the need for a negative entry, you’ll need to be able to drift in a controlled manner between the numerous crevasses and overhangs, while avoiding downdrafts. In addition to the extraordinary scenery, you’ll find plenty of reef fish such as giant groupers, jacks and sharks.

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The Cauldron aka The Shotgun: the best dive site in Komodo for an adrenalin rush

The Cauldron, also known as The Shotgun, is famous for its powerful currents and thrills. Divided into two parts, this site offers a unique experience where divers can literally be propelled from one end to the other through an underwater channel. With breathtaking views of manta rays, sharks and other marine life, this site also offers an excellent opportunity to observe some impressive hunting action.

The Cauldron is also reserved for experienced divers, due to its strong currents and sometimes unpredictable conditions.

Good to know: the very shape of this dive site gives it its name. You’ll find a deep, round, cauldron-shaped basin with a sandy bottom and walls covered with soft corals and gorgonians. The second name, “The Shotgun”, comes from the narrow pass through which the current rushes, carrying divers to the other side of the bowl.

Manta Point: the best dive site in Komodo for watching manta rays

Manta Point in Komodo

Manta Point is one of Komodo’s most popular dive sites, mainly due to its frequent encounters with majestic manta rays. This drift dive is no less than 2 kilometers long and boasts some 17 manta cleaning stations. The mantas come here to be cleaned by the wrasse fish, but also to feed, giving you a unique chance to observe these graceful creatures up close.

And don’t forget! Moderate depths and manageable currents make Manta Point an accessible site for most divers.

And for a final bonus site: Police corner

Moray Eel Komodo

Police Corner is a bonus site that deserves to be mentioned among the best dive sites in Komodo for its varied underwater scenery and wealth of marine life. This site features a combination of steep walls, plateaus and overhangs, offering diverse habitats for a multitude of marine species. White-tip and black-tip reef sharks, moray eels, turtles, giant trevally and fusilier – this site is brimming with a fauna that is sure to delight.

Currents can be moderate to strong, adding an extra challenge for experienced divers looking for a complete underwater adventure.

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