As part of its commitment to sustainable tourism, Bali is ready to implement a new tourism tax. Wonderful Indonesia describes this initiative as a small step towards significant changes in preserving the island’s rich culture and nature. The tourism levy fee will be effective for all international tourists entering Bali starting on the 14th of February 2024.

International tourists must pay tourism levy with a fee of IDR 150,000, or approximately equivalent to USD 10. However, not all foreign visitors will be necessary to pay this levy. The exemptions apply to diplomatic & official visa holders, conveyance crew, KITAS and KITAP holders, family unification visas, golden & student visa holders, and specific non-tourist visa holders.

Tourists arriving on eVOA (electronic Visa On Arrival) and VOA (Visa On Arrival) are subject to the levy fee.

How to Pay

You can pay and apply for exemption through the Love Bali app, available on the App Store and Play Store, or by visiting The process is easy, with most tourists opting for a simple online card payment. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a voucher via email. You must keep it on your smartphones for scanning at the Bali Airport and seaports.

The Reasons Behind this New Tourism Levy

Wonderful Indonesia highlights 3 main areas that this initiative is not just about collecting fees. It’s a conscious effort to protect Bali. The first is to “Preserve Heritage”. They say the levy fee will be spent for “protecting Balinese customs, traditions, arts, and local wisdom, ensuring the sustainable culture of Bali island.”

The second is to “Nurture Nature”. They add that tourists will “contribute to the nobility and preservation of Bali’s unique culture and natural environment, making it an even more beautiful destination.”

Thirdly, the levy fee is put in place to “Evaluate Your Experience” the funds will “improve the quality of service and Balinese cultural tourism management, promising you a safe and enjoyable travel adventure in Bali.”

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