Bali is a vibrant international hub and the gateway to wonderful Indonesia. There is good news for travelers! Say goodbye to long journeys to remote paradises like Raja Ampat and Manado because Garuda Indonesia and TransNusa are here to take you away on direct flights to these dream destinations.

Garuda Indonesia’s Direct Flight to Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has always been a top destination for avid divers and nature enthusiasts, but reaching it was often a test of patience. Not anymore! Thanks to Garuda Indonesia’s new direct flights between Bali and Sorong. The mesmerizing beauty of Raja Ampat is now just a hop away.

Imagine diving into crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life & exploring hidden coves. Experiencing the untouched magic of one of the world’s most biodiverse marine life. All without the hassle of long layovers or multiple flights. Garuda Indonesia’s direct flights make it possible, with convenient schedules on Fridays and Sundays.

While the return flights from Sorong to Bali are currently limited, with promises of more options on the horizon, the stopover on the return leg isn’t too shabby. Plus, with prices starting from IDR 1,900,000 one way, your adventure in Raja Ampat has never been more accessible.

TransNusa Opens New Direct Flight to Manado

But wait, there’s more. TransNusa is making waves as the first airline in the world to offer direct flights between Bali and Manado. This bustling city on the island of Sulawesi is your gateway to the breathtaking Bunaken Marine Park, Lembeh & the wonders of North Sulawesi Province. With flights departing from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport at 01:40 AM, you’ll be arriving in Manado by 04:05 AM. The return flight ensures you’re back in Bali by 08:25 AM, ready to start your day.

TransNusa isn’t just offering convenience, they’re facilitating a deeper connection between Indonesia’s tourism hotspots. Aligning with the government’s strategic goals to boost national tourism performance. Your journey to Manado has never been more seamless with fares starting from IDR 1,745,000 one way.

Ready to explore Indonesia’s underwater treasures? Let our expert team turn your dream diving safari into a reality! We also take the hassle out of travel plans by booking the best domestic flight routes for your journey. Whether you’re flying from Bali to Sorong for an expedition in Raja Ampat or to Manado and Lembeh for an underwater escapade, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us now and let’s make your underwater dreams come true!

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