A true sea boxer

Indonesia’s turquoise waters are teeming with extraordinary marine life, including the fascinating Mantis Shrimp. Known for its astonishing punch speed of 110 km/h, this remarkable creature creates fiery impacts, almost reaching temperatures of 6000 degrees, rivaling the sun’s surface.

Beyond its striking appearance, the Mantis Shrimp stands as a unique species, wielding the fastest punch in the animal kingdom. Its incredible power is responsible for creating a burst of heat that briefly equals the sun’s surface temperature, a feat that continues to captivate scientists.

Eyes with incredible properties

Intriguingly, the Mantis Shrimp boasts the most advanced eyes among all animals, with the ability to perceive nine additional color spectrums that are invisible to the human eye. This reveals a previously hidden world of vivid colors and patterns. This additional vision capability includes spotting nine unique color families that remain beyond our perception.

Adding to its extraordinary qualities, the Mantis Shrimp’s exceptional depth perception makes it a top-notch predator in its underwater habitat. Moreover, its eyes have drawn attention from the medical community, as they can potentially detect both cancer and neural activity. While the application of this discovery in medicine remains a subject of research, its potential is highly promising.

Where can I see a Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimps are quite common around the coral reefs of Indonesia. But they are not so easy to spot as they spend most of their time hidden in holes, under rocks or between corals. Once spotted, you will remember this creature’s incredible capabilities! But rest assured, it won’t attack you… it will most likely be more scared of you than anything else, so approach slowly and enjoy the show.

So what are you waiting for to join us for a scuba diving trip in Indonesia?

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